Employers: Keep These Things in Mind When Hiring Summer Employees

As the weather begins to warm, it’s time to think about beefing up your team of employees with some summer workers.

While the process for hiring temporary staff is more or less the same, there are a few key things that every hiring manager should keep in mind during the recruitment process. After all, seasonal job seekers have different priorities from full-time employees. Anticipating these needs can help you avoid bumps in the road after onboarding.

We’ve put together a handy list of things to keep in mind. Would you add anything to this list?

What type of employment are they really looking for?

It’s pretty safe to assume that the individuals who apply to a summer job listing are looking for short-term work, right? Wrong — there are actually tons of job seekers who are looking for permanent opportunities, and apply for seasonal work in hopes that they can secure a long-term role after the summer.

It never hurts to ask candidates during the hiring process if they’d be interested in working past the summer period. That way, if you have an opening you need to fill in future, you have a short list of trained individuals you can invite to join your team permanently!

Do they have previous commitments?

While most summer job seekers submit applications knowing they’re making a commitment for the duration of the season, they often are hesitant to share any additional plans or commitments they have. Perhaps they have plans to go away for a long weekend, or they have volunteering commitments a few times a week.

Remember to inquire about any additional commitments they have and make your expectations regarding your vacation and scheduling policies very clear during the interview process. This way, they have the opportunity to consider all aspects of the position before accepting an offer.

Don’t count out “inexperienced” applicants

One of the best parts about hiring seasonal workers is it’s an opportunity to give employees a “trial run” if they’re interested in joining your team for the long haul. So don’t be afraid to give applicants without direct “experience” a shot — for many of these roles, success really boils down to work ethic and personality. You could really uncover a true diamond in the rough!

Start early

Hiring is competitive, and chances are, every business in your area is competing for the same pool of talent. So starting early is key!

Explore different resources

Consider posting with niche job boards that specialize in the type of jobs you’re looking to fill so you can get in front of the right audience, rather than posting on big-name job board where your posting will just get buried. For example, HigherMe is a great start for anyone looking to hire hourly workers!

Optimize your job postings

Is your job listing attracting the attention of the right applicants? Make sure that your posting clearly states that you’re looking for summer employees, and specify the dates you’ll need them to work. Specific is always better than vague — when in doubt, get an expert to look it over!

Try hiring your customers

Who better to join your team than one of your loyal customers? Get their attention with a Text-to-Apply campaign! This simple yet effective technology can turn your walk in store traffic into a source of talent. Connect with our Hiring Experts to get a customized hiring strategy to make the most of this hiring period!

Upgrade your tech

It never hurts to take a critical look at your hiring process and explore different upgrades that can make it more efficient. For instance, HigherMe’s Hiring Dashboard (also known as an Applicant Tracking System) is a great way to consolidate all your hiring efforts into one central hub, allowing you to screen and hire more efficiently, ultimately saving you time and money!

Boost your hiring efforts all year round! Connect with HigherMe’s Hiring Experts to get a customized hiring plan for your business. Email us at sales@higherme.com or visit our Applicant Tracking System Page.

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