Unique keyword. Unique phone number. 8x more qualified candidates.

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What is text to apply?

Text-To-Apply is text recruiting software that makes it easier to connect with qualified applicants and increase applications from local job seekers.

    With Text-To-Apply, job seekers text a keyword and phone number that’s unique to your business, and receive a link to your job posts.

    Text-To-Apply applications are simple and mobile-optimized, making it easy for job seekers to apply from their phone. Job seekers that start an application but don’t finish receive automated reminders via text, boosting the application completion rate.

    All Text-To-Apply applications go straight to HigherMe’s Applicant Tracking System for simple and efficient screening.

How it works

    Display your branded Text-To-Apply poster in store, on delivery vehicles, or with takeout orders.
    the attention of local job seekers, who can easily start applying by texting a basic keyword.

    Streamline the application experience with quick and simple job applications that work on a mobile device.

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Why it works

    • Get more qualified candidates with text recruiting software Job seekers who apply using this text to hire feature are 8x more likely to be your next hire compared to applicants from other sourcing channels. Get more applications from local candidates who already know and love your brand.
    • Get instant results from your “now hiring” sign With HigherMe, you get a custom Text-To-Apply poster that puts your brand front and center. Reduce hiring friction with a custom keyword and phone number that job seekers can text straight away to start an application.
    • Increase application flow with a simple candidate experience Customize your screening questions and create a simple application that candidates can quickly complete from their phone in as little as 4 minutes.
    • See all your applications in one place Applicant data seamlessly flows from Text-To-Apply into our cloud-based Applicant Tracking System, allowing you to see all your applications in one place, on any device.
    • Save time with automated responses HigherMe sends automated reminders to candidates to finish their application, increasing application completion rates and ensuring you get more completed applications to make a better hiring decision.
    • Reduce interview ghosting Schedule your interview with HigherMe’s automated interview scheduling software and candidates will get a text reminder 24 hours before their interview.

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