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What is an applicant
tracking system?

Applicant tracking system is software that helps you organize and manage your recruiting. Instead of flipping through resumes or going through your email inbox, ATS software streamlines the manual hiring processes.

An applicant tracking system automates posting to job boards, screening applicants, and scheduling interviews. With applicant tracking software, all your job posts are managed in one place, increasing application flow and reducing time to hire. ATS software works on any device, so you can review your recruiting activity from anywhere.



6 Hours

saved per hire

67 %

reduction in interview no shows

$ 3600

maximum savings per year per location

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Reduce time to hire

Automated interview scheduling that’s simple for managers and reduces interview ghosting, so candidates complete an application and attend their scheduled interview.

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Simple interface for busy managers

Collaborate with your entire hiring team and keep them accountable. Easily create candidate shortlists, application notes and manage your interview schedule.

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Seamless hiring experience

Once you’ve found the perfect candidate, seamlessly send all their information to our paperless onboarding. New hires complete it at home before their first shift.


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Applications dashboard

See all your applications in one place. Applications from every job board appear on one central dashboard where you can get a quick overview of each applicant.

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Job board integrations

Job board integrations with Indeed, Craigslist, Facebook, ZipRecruiter and more. Automated reposting keeps your job posts fresh and helps reduce advertising spend.

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Automated interview scheduling

Set your availability, customize your instructions and invite candidates to interview with one click. Candidates choose a time slot that fits your schedule and can reschedule interviews themselves.

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Automated candidate reminders

Reduce candidate drop-off and decrease interview ghosting with automated reminders. We send texts and emails encouraging candidates to complete an application and attend an interview.

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Custom job application

Increase applicant volume with a short application that job seekers can complete from their phone. Customize your application with screening questions from our database, or create your own.

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FitScore is an algorithm that ranks each candidate and gives them a score from 0 to 100. When creating your job post, choose the hiring criteria that are most important to you and let our smart algorithms do the rest.

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Video cover letters

Make faster hiring decisions by seeing the personality behind the résumé. Candidates can record a short video as part of their application.

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