Tourist Season: How to Keep Your Customer-Facing Employees Motivated

During the height of tourist season, your employees will likely begin to feel the pressure that comes with this time of year. There are many sudden changes, from new seasonal recruits to changes in the shift schedule – on top of that, they will suddenly be dealing with a much higher volume of guests, requiring them to be in “customer-service” mode for longer periods during their day.

While it’s important to push your team to perform, managers run the risk of seeing employee burnout. Knowing how to effectively motivate your service team during these crucial times can make all the difference in your business’ success!

Empower them

Resist the urge to micromanage – this can make your workers feel suffocated and anxious knowing they’re being put under a microscope. During this time when workloads are high, put trust in your employees to ensure their work gets done. Encourage them to take the lead, be creative, and come up with solutions rather than running to the manager for every little issue. This will help them feel empowered in their role and help management focus on more important tasks during the day.

Incentivize them

As a manager, you may need to throw in a few extra “perks” to boost your employees’ drive during the day. For sales roles, this may involve a little friendly competition between team members. Financial motivators are also highly effective – consider offering a bonus to your loyal team members who work on the holidays. Remember that investing in your employees’ work satisfaction will pay off in the long run with higher productivity and lower turnover!

Recognize them

There are few things more demotivating than thankless work during peak season. Taking the time to show your appreciation can go a long way for your employees – pay attention to those individuals who go the extra mile, and encourage your team to share positive feedback on their coworkers’ performances when they see it. This practice will foster a more positive work environment as well!

Give them balance

Many workers in the service and hospitality industries associate peak tourist season with long shifts and little time for R&R. It’s important for employers to not only acknowledge the additional hours their team is putting in, but also encouraging them to take time for themselves. Ensure that your workers are able to leave right at the end of their shifts, and don’t be afraid to step in so they can go home and recharge. Consider hosting a staff social as well, so your team can connect and have fun outside of work!

How do you keep your employees motivated during busy periods?
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