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NEW sourcing partnerships with ZipRecruiter, Facebook and Google Search

With thousands of job applications completed every day on HigherMe, we’re adding new sourcing partnerships to help businesses reach more people on platforms where they’re already looking for jobs and spending their time – ZipRecruiter, Facebook, and Google.

Your open jobs are now automatically posted to ZipRecruiter, Facebook, and Google for free, in addition to our current sourcing partnerships. After creating your job posting on HigherMe, it will automatically be posted on the sites of our integrated sourcing partners to boost visibility and attract more applicants.

No matter where an applicant finds your job posting, they’ll always be directed back to your application on HigherMe to finish applying, so you get full visibility on which channels are giving you the best applicants with your Sourcing report.


Hiring with ZipRecruiter and HigherMe

ZipRecruiter works with 100+ distribution partners like Kijiji, neuvoo, and to get your job posted more places online for applicants to find. ZipRecruiter gets you applicants faster – with 80% of employers finding a quality candidate within one day of posting a job.

The 7 million active job seekers each month using ZipRecruiter start their application with the information already included on their profile, which is seamlessly sent to HigherMe. To finish applying, HigherMe automatically sends them a link, where they can complete their application.


Hiring with Facebook and HigherMe

One in four people in the United States say they’ve searched for, or found a job using Facebook.

Job seekers who find your open job on Facebook can begin their application by filling out a form with their name, phone number, email, and previous work experience currently included on their Facebook profile. After starting the application using Facebook, all their information will be sent to HigherMe, where they can finish applying. The entire application process can be completed from their phone.


Hiring with Google Search and HigherMe

Millions of job seekers start looking for work with on Google simply by searching “jobs near me”, “retail jobs”, “line cook jobs”, or similar organic search queries.

After adding your job posting to HigherMe, it will automatically be marked up and indexed so it can be discovered and displayed in the Jobs section of Google Search. Job seekers can find your job either by organic search, or by filtering with criteria such as location or job title. To apply, applicants simply click a button which will direct them to your branded careers page on HigherMe.


Free HigherMe sourcing partnerships

Lack of applicants is the top driver of talent shortages in the United States, and with HigherMe, you get more applicants when your jobs are automatically posted to our free sourcing partners listed below.


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