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Facebook Quick Apply: A More Seamless Candidate Experience

Significantly increase the conversion rate of candidates with Facebook Jobs and HigherMe. With all the sourcing traffic from the US’s largest social media site and HigherMe’s powerful screening tools, you’ll increase application flow, reduce candidate drop-off rates, and save time screening.

Previously, candidates started applying on Facebook, and then went to HigherMe to complete their application. Now, job seekers can complete their entire application without ever leaving Facebook. All candidate information such as availability, distance, and work experience is sent seamlessly to HigherMe’s applicant tracking system so managers can review everything from one simple dashboard.

This improved Facebook Quick Apply sourcing partnership is available now to all HigherMe customers at no extra cost.

Reduce candidate drop-off

With Facebook Quick Apply and HigherMe, candidates can complete their entire application on Facebook, decreasing candidate drop-off rates. Job seekers who are already active on Facebook will have all their basic information pre-populated in their application, and don’t need to create a separate account in HigherMe to submit their availability or answer job questions. If they have a resume, that gets carried over as well!

Increase applicant volume

Every time you post a job using HigherMe, it’s automatically sent to Facebook and other leading job boards. With Facebook Apply and HigherMe, you’ll capture every application from candidates who apply for your jobs on Facebook.

Once an application is complete, it will appear on your hiring dashboard. HigherMe’s advanced screening tools make it easy to identify top talent by automatically assigning a FitScore from zero to 100 to each candidate, saving you from having to read through every application in your inbox. HigherMe’s interview scheduling tool automates the booking process, inviting candidates by email and saving you from hours of phone tag.

More quality hires

Set the screening questions you want in HigherMe and those same questions will appear on Facebook as part of the application process. Facebook automatically tracks a candidate’s location, giving you an accurate distance to how far away a candidate lives from your store location.

Want to get more detailed information about a candidate? You still have the option to send follow up questions by email if needed.

Start using the best Facebook Quick Apply integration for hiring hourly workers. No long term contracts. Cancel at any time. Contact HigherMe today to learn more.


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