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New sourcing tool: HigherMe Reach launches in Boston

To help businesses get more applicants who are looking for jobs in the restaurant industry, HigherMe is excited to announce the launch of its new tool, Reach.

Thousands of businesses have used HigherMe to power their application process, most of them in the restaurant industry. Each job seeker who applies using HigherMe has a profile in our system. There are about 2 million job seekers in the system who have opted-in to be contacted by employers.

Most candidates who have applied for a job using HigherMe are applying to work in the restaurant industry. With just one click, you can send a personalized email to job seekers who already have the skills and motivation to work at a business like yours.


HigherMe Reach is currently available to customers in Boston with a limited time introductory rate of $10 to contact 100 job seekers.

If you’ve sponsored jobs on Indeed and Craigslist using HigherMe, you’ll already be familiar with the process.

Here's how it works:

1. Click Boost, and choose HigherMe Reach.

2. You'll be informed of the number of local and active candidates you're expected to reach with your campaign, and the cost.

3. Once submitted, eligible candidates receive a personalized email that you are interested in their profile. This isn't a newsletter advertising positions at multiple companies, it's a dedicated email about the specific role you need filled.

4. Most of the candidate's basic information is already filled out, and they only need to complete a few short steps to finish their application.

5. All submitted applications will appear in your HigherMe applicant tracking software.

6. Track the effectiveness of your Reach campaign with Source Reporting.

HigherMe Reach won’t target any applicants you have in your ATS that you are actively engaged with or have been hired using HigherMe. In fact, only candidates you have not engaged with or rejected will be eligible to receive campaigns, provided they’ve opted-in.


To ensure your top candidates are not contacted by a Reach campaign, mark their applicant status as Contacted, Interviewed, or Hired.

HigherMe Reach is a sourcing tool to help you get in touch with new applicants who have never applied to work at your business. If you’re looking for a way to re-engage with your existing database of applicants, check out our integration with Syrg.

Click here to send your first Reach campaign today.

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