Unable to Hire Great Employees? The Problem Is Probably You

If you’re having a streak of bad luck with hiring, chances are, it isn’t a coincidence.

While that might be hard to hear, acknowledging that you and/or your business might be the problem is the first step to fixing the issues and attracting top-quality talent. After all, competition is fierce and the best-qualified job seekers have their choice when it comes to where they want to work.

So it’s time to take a hard look at your hiring process and ask yourself: what kind of impression are you giving off?

It’s all about first impressions

According to Business Insider, people make up their mind about an individual within 7 seconds of meeting them. This means that as an employer, you need to create a positive and memorable impression immediately.

This doesn’t just start at the interview stage. In fact, your first point of contact with job seekers is almost always the job posting. Having a strong posting that not only outlines the job, but establishes the benefits of working with your team and your employee culture sets the tone for the rest of the hiring process – and if you’re lucky, the working relationship with your new hire!

If you’re not sure where to start, there are services like HigherMe that help employers optimize their job postings. Get in touch here!

Are you forgettable?

Often, employers are so concerned with avoiding negative impressions that they end up being forgettable. This definitely won’t do, especially when the most qualified candidates are likely considering multiple offers. You need to be top of mind!

Know your business’ brand, and make sure that you are genuine, friendly, and helpful throughout the process. If a candidate senses that you’re invested in them, the chances of them picking you over a competitor becomes significantly higher!

Stay competitive

It’s not just about what you do during the hiring process – think about making your business marketable even when you have a full staff on hand.

Getting involved in the community is a great way to make a positive statement, and is a huge draw for top candidates. Growth opportunities, benefits, and other perks are also great ways to keep your current team happy, and get the attention of job seekers as well. It’s a win-win situation!

Ready to start hiring? Let us help – connect with us at sales@higherme.com, or visit our Applicant Tracking System page!

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