Your Small Business CAN Compete with Big Corporations for Talent – Here's How!

It can feel next to impossible to find the best talent when you’re running a small local business – especially when you’re surrounded by the food and retail giants of the world. Competing with multi-million dollar franchises for qualified employees can be a slow struggle, and it’s easy to feel like you get the short end of the stick.

That said, it is possible to level the playing field. There are tons of benefits to working at a mom and pop shop that you may not have even thought about. After all, the best workers can get a paycheque anywhere – but it’s the management, benefits, and opportunities that make them stay for the long haul.

All it takes is some careful planning, creativity, and a few smart investments in the right technology. Here are some qualities you should consider highlighting in your next job posting or interview!

A smaller, more intimate team

One of the biggest drawbacks to working for a large business is working in a massive team. It’s easy for top performers to become demotivated and feel like a cog in a machine, rather than a valued employee.

A smaller team means an opportunity to create valuable relationships with the entire team. It’s much easier to create a culture where your coworkers are like family members. These relationships can also boost employee retention, so it’s a win-win all around!

A bigger impact on the business

When you’re working in a team of ten people, each person makes a much bigger impact on the business as opposed to a team of 50. For some, this can be perceived as negative – but for the overachievers, it’s an exciting challenge.

Top performers love seeing the immediate impact of their successes in the business – and it doesn’t hurt that their work gets noticed more easily by management as well. Promoting this aspect of the job is sure to attract the hardworking individuals you’re looking for!

Unique perks

While you might not have the budget for extensive benefit plans and grand events, there are still ways to make your employees feel valued. Consider putting a portion of your budget aside for employee perks, such as snacks and drinks in the breakroom, regular team outings, and more!

It may not seem like much, but putting an effort into taking care of your employees is a huge draw for candidates. It tells them that the business is willing to invest in their work experience and make it an enjoyable one!

Career planning

Last, but not least, career growth is one of the biggest selling points for ambitious workers. Creating a career planning program is a simple and inexpensive way to invest in your team and show them that you’re invested in their future and success with the business.

Job seekers are almost always interested in growth opportunities, so showcasing a structured career planning program is a great way to back your investment in your employees!

Can you think of any other benefits to working in a small business? If you’re looking to invest in your hiring process, check out HigherMe! Connect with us at, or visit our Applicant Tracking System page.

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