Gambling on Seasonal Hires? Beat the Odds with These Tips

This period can literally make or break your business’ success for the year, so it’s important to hire good seasonal workers to support your core team during these upcoming busy days. The question is… where do you start?

The reality is, every hire you make is a risk. There’s no way to guarantee a hire will be a perfect fit – but there are ways to tip the scales in your favor. The question is… are you ready to place a wager? Here are some tips:

Start early.

Lots of businesses start hiring as early as August or September. It’s the easiest way to attract the attention of keen job seekers looking to get a head start.

Know what you’re looking for.

Good things come to those who know what they want. Setting clear expectations and descriptions in your posting will help weed out individuals who don’t fit your criteria. It’ll also make it easier when it comes to make a decision between Star Candidate A and Star Candidate B.

Hire your customers.

The trouble with seasonal workers is their tendency to latch onto the “temporary” aspect of the job. Next thing you know, you’re dealing with a bunch of new hires sporting a “who cares?” attitude. That doesn’t fly.

For this reason, it’s important to ensure that your hires have a connection to your business other than the job itself. Hiring your existing and loyal customers is a great place to start – Text-to-Apply campaigns are great for this, because they convert your walk-in traffic into applicants on the spot.

Assess their personality.

What are you looking for? Likely someone who is independent and a quick learner who can hit the ground running and gels well with your existing team. Don’t discount the importance of that dynamic just because they’re temporary – you never know, they could become permanent employees in future!

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