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What is paperless onboarding?

With paperless onboarding, new hires complete tax forms and sign company documents digitally - no printer, scanner, or fax machine required.

Creating a customized employee onboarding solution streamlines your hiring, saves you time, and helps boost employee satisfaction even before their first shift. Plus, with integrated screening tools, you can complete background checks and confirm E-Verify work eligibility from one simple onboarding software dashboard.

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How it works

  • 1. Set up

    Customize your onboarding documents requirements to fit your company needs.

  • 2. Start onboarding

    New hires are notified by email to begin onboarding. Automated reminders are sent to candidates, reducing paperwork turnaround time.

  • 3. Review and keep track

    You'll be notified to review the paperwork once it's complete. And you can keep track of progress and access the employee files from the dashboard.


Reduce time to hire

Your business needs a new employee now, not next week. With a digital onboarding system, you'll be able to automate manual processes and hire a new employee in as little as 72 hours.

Simplify your onboarding paperwork

No more overwhelming stacks of paperwork piled up on your desk. Create a digital onboarding package and always send the right documents to the right people depending on their role or location.

Save time with digital signatures

Employees complete onboarding at home, so you don't have to help them fill out paperwork on their first shift. With access to all their information at home, you don't have to worry about new hires forgetting a blank check or necessary photo ID on their first day.

Oversee your hiring at every location

Create an optimized HR workflow that works for your entire team. Review onboarding progress from anywhere with a simple dashboard to oversee all your locations - whether it's a single store or more than 50.

Streamline your hiring process

Seamlessly send the information collected from a candidate's application into your onboarding software. With integrations for background checks and shift scheduling, you'll have new employees up and running in no time.

Save time and money

With a simple way to run background checks and confirm work eligibility, you can be confident you're hiring the right employee. Store your tax forms and necessary paperwork in the cloud and never worry about losing a document.

Easily collect employee information

After onboarding is complete, all employee data can be downloaded from HigherMe so you can import the necessary information into your HRIS or payroll system.

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