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Save up to $9,600 for
each new hire with
WOTC credits

HigherMe has partnered with EF Cost Recovery to offer all of
our customers the opportunity to uncover tax savings through
their hiring initiatives.
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What are WOTC credits?

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a federal income tax credit intended to encourage employers to hire targeted groups deemed by Congress to have barriers to employment.

No heavy lifting:
EF Cost Recovery takes
care of everything

  • Screen all your new employees
  • Research employees' eligibility
  • Correspond with multiple government agencies
  • Secure tax credit
  • Report tax credit info to you and your CPA
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No upfront costs

EF Cost Recovery only charges a percentage of the
savings they identify for you. No savings? No need to



How their hassle-free process works

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EF Cost Recovery meets with you to gather some basic information to see if you qualify.
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Their team of engineers, IP attorneys, and specialists works together to research and quantify each employee's potential benefit.
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You are informed of any WOTC credits you qualify for! If EF Cost Recovery can't save you money,
you don't pay.

Source, screen,
interview, and
onboard faster!