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Streamline your
background checks and
hire quickly at scale

Discover the benefits of our integration with Checkr for a
smoother, more secure hiring and onboarding process.
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About Checkr

Checkr is a is a background check service that makes hiring safer, more efficient, and more inclusive. HigherMe and Checkr integrate to streamline your operations and hire quickly at scale.

Checkr provides the flexibility to complete only the screenings you need,  such as:

  • Driver checks (MVR)
  • SSN trace
  • Criminal records checks
  • Drug screenings
  • Credit checks
  • FACIS screenings

  • Verification checks
    • Employment
    • Education
    • Professional
    • Personal reference

How it works

Setting up our Checkr integration is quick! You'll be able to run a background check in a matter of days.

When initiating your new hire's onboarding process through HigherMe, send them a
background check request.
Your new hire completes the background check via Checkr.
Once complete, review the new hire's background check status from within your HigherMe onboarding dashboard.

Source, screen,
interview, and
onboard faster!