How to Save Time with Video Cover Letters

As someone who has hired countless people during your career, you have probably seen a lot of resumes. Many of them say the same thing and are hard to tell apart. What you can’t necessarily get from a traditional resume is the applicant’s personality. Sure, they might use more exciting words to describe their past work experience, but you really don’t know what the applicant is like until you meet them in person.

The reality is that you could waste a lot of time in between receiving their resume and meeting them. That’s where video resumes come in. They can help you learn the kind of experience candidates have, while also determining if they have the correct demeanor to work at your business. Not to mention, anyone can send in a regular resume, but only those who really want to work for you will take the time to send in a video resume. Here’s what you should look out for:

  • Professional Look: Being respectful of the interview process means looking nice. A suit and tie might be overkill, but it needs to be clear that they cared enough to choose a room with adequate lighting, a neutral background, and appropriate attire.
  • Tone: Is the candidate excited? Working in the service industry means having an outgoing and helpful attitude. You need to be able to sense that in their voice.
  • Word Choice and Experience: Can the applicant effectively verbalize their experience in a compelling way? If they describe the kind of experience you’re looking for in a way that draws you in, then you may have found a great right candidate!

Video resumes are very helpful for shortening the hiring process and picking out the best candidates. Learn more about how you can get started using video resumes to speed up your hiring process.

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