5 Unmistakable Signs That You're Ready to Make the Leap as a Business Owner

In a world where the creative and unique rule the business world, the entrepreneurial life can seem really attractive to a lot of professionals. From visually stunning restaurants to selling one-of-a-kind art and products, there are more ways than ever to break into the biz. Not to mention the appeal of being your own boss!

With that said, the road to becoming a business owner isn’t exactly smooth, and it can be daunting to break out of the safety of your day-to-day job. So how do you know if it’s the right move for you?

Check out the following signs – do any of them sound familiar?

1. You’re getting antsy at work

What was once a comfortable desk-job might now seem more like a ball-and-chain (hopefully with good lumbar support!). Or perhaps your days are seeming repetitive – an endless cycle of the same ‘ol thing. If you’re itching for a challenge, tackling your dream business will definitely keep you on your toes!

2. You have flexibility in your life

While not impossible, it’s definitely more challenging to start a business if you have a ton of other priorities. Consider your home life, your extracurriculars, and your commitments to others. Will you be able to devote the time necessary to get your business off the ground?

3. You’ve done your homework

Starting a business isn’t a decision made overnight. Take some time to do some research on the market you’re looking to enter, the financial implications, and what you’d have to invest in order to have the best chance possible of making this endeavor a success. If you’re still feeling good about it after a thorough investigation, then you can rest easy rather than going in blind.

4. You’re a risk-taker (within reason)

You don’t necessarily have to be a thrill-seeker to be a good businessperson, but it’s important to look inward and ask yourself: am I someone who’s willing to take calculated risks? And how good am I at making those types of big decisions? If the idea makes you queasy, it might be best to rethink your direction (and maybe don’t take up skydiving!)

5. You’re a networking monster

Connections, connections, connections. Being a business owner will often mean a lot of networking, small-talk, and hand-shaking. How comfortable with that are you? The more people you connect with, the better chance your business will have of taking off!

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