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"I’m Rob, and I used to own 7 ice cream stores."

I can’t count the number of times I’ve said this over the last year as we’ve told the story of HigherMe, and how we came together. I feel like a lot of startups end up telling these very romanticized origin stories, with little kinda-true details that get exaggerated but remembered as concrete fact.

But my name is Rob. And I actually used to own 7 ice cream stores.

Over the years, I had many wonderful employees work for me. I also had several less-than-wonderful employees, who shall remain nameless :) One of the first was a girl named Kendra.

Kendra showed up to my store at a very tumultuous time - right after we opened. If you think it’s hard to start a startup, don’t even think about opening an ice cream store! We were under-staffed and over-demanded from the second we opened our doors to a huge lineup of patiently-waiting customers. We also learned many lessons about the randomness and frequency of retail turnover - and the huge amounts of time and money wasted when people quit after three weeks. Suffice to say, we were hiring - often.

Kendra came into my store in mid April 2008, and dropped off a paper copy of her resume. This practice might seem foreign to anybody in technology or business, but to anybody in retail, it’s common. As it became, too, for me - at any given point, I’d have 100 resumes from eager job-seekers stacked up on my desk - and yet I still had frequent turnover.

Very quickly, as my little mini ice cream empire grew, I didn’t have nearly as much face time with customers or resume-dropper-offers as I did in the early days - which is what makes Kendra unique. I was there when she dropped off her resume.

And it’s a good thing I was. Because her resume was awful.

I’ve struggled, in vain, to find a copy of it in my files, but alas, it may be lost to history. But I can promise you this - there were many misspelled words. There was very poor grammar. “Soccer” and “babysitting” were her top-listed relevant experiences.

And you know what? None of it mattered. Because she was awesome. Bright and cheerful. Full of energy, super enthusiastic, and great with customers. She also lived right next to the store, had flexible availability, and was willing to work for the wages and the hours I was able to offer.

I gave Kendra a shot, and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. She stayed with me for nearly four years - an eternity in retail. One of the proudest moments of my professional career occurred when Kendra was elected valedictorian of her graduating class, and she had to choose someone to help her prepare her speech for delivery. Wouldn’t you know it? She chose me.

We started HigherMe because we wanted to achieve our dreams of startup success, because we knew we couldn’t work for anybody else after finishing our MBA’s, and because we knew we had an awesome idea on our hands - but more than anything, we started HigherMe because we wanted to help employers cut through the noise and find more Kendra’s - and help the “Kendra’s” of the world find great opportunities for personal growth, even if they have terrible resumes.

We’re excited to help you find your next great job OR your next great employee, and glad that you’re on this journey with us.

We're funded by some incredible investors:


Rob Hunter 💸

Chief Executive Officer

Our Chief Executive Officer, Rob, has led a unique life and as a result can frequently win games of "Two truths and a lie." He used to sell Japanese professional wrestling VHS tapes & DVD's on the internet, owned a small student housing portfolio, and owned 7 ice cream stores. He is on a mission to run 50 marathons in 50 states, and is a proud husband to Emily and Dad to Maisie "Moo" Hunter. He loves using data & technology to make the lives of operators easier.

Jef Chedeville 🙉

Chief Technology Officer

As HigherMe's resident genius and Chief Technology Officer, Jef loves solving unique challenges every day and crafting software that hourly employers are obsessed with. Legend has it that he came out of the womb coding. When he was in high school, he created the top anime website in France. He often brings his invisible friend, Pierre, to work. Jef insists that Pierre get his own desk.


Eric Bouchard 🍻

Director of Sales

Eric brings an ambitious selling approach to every conversation he has as the Director of Sales at HigherMe. His favourite part of the day is getting different groups excited about how they can leverage our unique offerings to make their work easier. When Eric’s not busy cultivating potential clients, he’s likely in his backyard cultivating a beautiful garden or enjoying the beach near his house in South Carolina.

His first job: Landscaping.

Kathleen McDonough 🤣

Senior Account Executive

Over her years as a Senior Account Executive, Kathleen has become invested in the wonderful, friendly communities of the brands she works with. With a love for creating relationships with people, she’s great at helping kick-ass companies who need and understand the importance of finding rockstar employees. Outside of work, she tries to take advantage of her unlimited-movie pass as much as possible (she’s a film fiend)!

Her first job: Server at a small local restaurant (she makes guest appearances occasionally)

Chris Beck 🤯

Senior Account Executive

Chris likes showing people a cool solution to their recruiting and hiring problems as a Senior Account Executive. Before that, he was a pro baseball player and had the chance to play in over 10 countries! He’s not quite as good at basketball as he is at sales or baseball, and has been known to lose basketball games to his 9-year old neighbour. In between calls, he’s also a serial snacker… as well as a cereal snacker.

His first job: Supermarket Stocker.

Garrett Hall 🙄

Enterprise Sales

Doing Enterprise Sales at HigherMe, Garrett enjoys working on a small, collaborative team to contribute to the company’s growth and innovative product offerings. He brings a wealth of experience selling HR tech to help identify new opportunities and grow our customer base. After work, Garrett likes collecting (and drinking) bourbon and woodworking.

His first job: Cutting grass and laying sod for a lawn service company.

Tyler Woods 🤙

Senior Development Representative

Initially a Disc Jockey (years ago), Tyler has since turned the tables and helped a vast mix of businesses grow. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies and even co-founded a business at age 27. Mediocre at best hobbies include golf, tennis, surfing and fishing. Hot sauce aficionado and Dad to a Chocolate Lab named Maye. Tyler loves to chat. Seriously, give him a call.

His first job: Disc Jockey for his Dad’s mobile entertainment company at 15

Sarah Thickett

Business Development Representative

As a Sales Development Representative at HigherMe, Sarah enjoys interacting with brands all over Canada to provide solutions to high employee turnover. When Sarah is not in the office, she is checking out the best dog parks with Peach the shiba inu.

Her first job: Brand Ambassador for grocery store products.

Derek Williamson 🐕

Special Projects & HR

Derek started his career in the world of ice cream — initially as a store manager, then as an owner of multiple franchised stores. He loves coming up with creative ways to improve hiring. He also faithfully serves as the office cake-getter, plays a lot of ultimate frisbee, and currently is of no fixed address.

His first job: Dietary Aide in a retirement home


Jimmy Miller 🎮

Senior Back-end Engineer

Jimmy is a Senior Back-end Engineer at HigherMe. He likes that he’s encouraged to learn and utilize the latest web technologies in his work. Weird fact about him: he once lived in the Netherlands, where he picked up an obsession for foreign foods and music.

His first job: Research Engineer working on optical cell sorting via microfluidics (whatever that means).

Jeff Keeling 😅

Senior Front-end Engineer, Team Lead

Jeff has been with HigherMe from almost Day 1 as a Front-end Developer. He likes that he can do what he loves in an adaptable company and fun team. In his spare time, he likes researching and piecing together his far-flung family tree.

His first job: Groundskeeping Crew for a golf course.

Noelle Corbin 🧟‍️

Senior Front-end Engineer

As a Senior Front-end Engineer, Noelle likes creating beautiful features that make customers happy using our modern development stack. Fun fact: she was supposed to be named Debra, but was instead named aptly for her birthday (Christmas).

Her first job: Cashier at a small convenience store. Her starting pay was $4.25/hour.

Ali Yousaf‍️ 😂

Product Lead

Working alongside the engineering team, Ali is HigherMe's Product Lead. He's passionate about transforming ideas into meaningful products for our clients and applicants. Offline, Ali is ever the daredevil, and spends his time hiking up mountains, playing squash… and occasionally jumping off planes (with a parachute, of course).

His first job: Co-op at Sears Canada when he was 19 as a Business Analyst.

Client Success

Lauren Cahill 🙃

Client Success Manager

Lauren is our Client Success Manager (read: Lauren Cahill of House HigherMe, First of Her Name, Queen of the Customers, Applicants and First Users, Khaleesi of Invoices, Protector of Engineers' Time and Mother of Client Success Interns). She lives for the excited messages she gets from applicants after they get hired. When she's not busy ruling her queendom, she's often found baking.

Her first job: Stable Hand.

Katie Male

Client Success Associate

On the Client Success team, Katie loves to hear back from thrilled clients about the great new additions to their teams they’ve found thanks to HigherMe. Outside of work, she’s obsessed with working on turning her hatchback into a pink race car. Vroom, vroom!

Her first job: Phone Operator for a taxi company taking orders on Saturday nights (it was cray).

Abdulla Khatib 🙏

Client Success Associate

As part of HigherMe’s Client Success Team, Abdulla is often found blessing applicants with sweet job-seeking wisdom and wearing many different hats. When he’s off work, he is often found wearing many different hats yet again as a men’s lifestyle blogger, avid gamer, traveler, and potato. Silly Abi. Potatoes don’t wear hats.

His first job: Line Cook at Mexicali Rosa’s.

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