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Imagine the perfect candidate walks by your store in a rush. With Text-to-Apply, customers and passersby can connect with you using a single text message, evenwhen they are on the go!
Custom poster design that you can print and display in store.
Text message flow that will take applicants through your job application process.
Applicant Tracking System
Our Applicant Tracking System is your one-stop shop for managing your hiring process, from tracking,interviewing, to hiring.
Automated interview scheduling to save your time and sanity from no-shows.
Optimized job ads and sourcing from Indeed, Craigslist, and more.
Video cover letters help you pre-screen and show you the person behind the resume.
FitScore shows you which candidates match your specific criteria.
Paperless Onboarding
Don't waste the first day with a new employee filling out paperwork. Instead, use Paperless Onboarding to complete everything ahead of time and get productive hours from your new employees as soon as they walk through the door.
Mobile-friendly digital forms and custom documents streamline the paperwork process.
Virtual employee filing cabinet makes it secure to store and easy to manage records.
What Our Customers Are Saying
Hiring the right people when you need them most is a major pain point for organizations everywhere. Fortunately, it’s one our team loves to solve and our customers are thanking us for it!
Franchise Owner
at Domino's Pizza Franchise
" The platform makes setting up interviews so easy that I can't go back toscheduling everything manually. "
Store Manager
at California Pizza Kitchen
" I love what HigherMe does for our management. The Applicant Tracking System makesit easier and quicker to fill roles and manage turnover."
at Kyle's Coffee
" I found my current job as a barista by walking past a Text-to-Apply poster at alocal cafe. It made applying really easy. "
They Trust Us
HigherMe empowers the hiring behind some of the world's best retailers.