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Easy-to-use tools that help busy restaurant managers find, select and hire the best fit employees faster.

A summary of the HigherMe software in use. A summary of the HigherMe software in use.

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Average of hours saved per hire

Attract more applicants without the stress of managing multiple job boards.

Increase in completed interviews

Find the best candidates in a few seconds with automated screening and interview reminders.

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New hires retained in the first 30 days

Increase retention rates by selecting the best fit candidates and onboarding new hires seamlessly within 48 hours of the interview.

1 day
Average time to hire

Streamline your process by easily moving applicants from interviewed to hired, and allow the automation to do your busy work.

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Image of the HigherMe system displayed in a laptop. Image of the HigherMe system displayed in a laptop.

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Jur Family Group saw a 25x increase in applicant flow:

“Immediately as we transitioned over, the applicant flow was huge for us, like nothing we'd seen before. It really helped us to build up our candidate pipeline. We’ve been with the platform for four years now, and having that candidate database is huge for us. We can even go back and look at past applicants, reassess, and invite them for interviews”.

Karlee MacDonald
Director of Operations at Jur Family Group - Tim Hortons



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Everything you need to make hiring easy

Image of a smartphone exemplifying the use of the Text-to-Apply feature.


Imagine the perfect candidate walks by your store in a rush. With text to apply, customers and passersby can connect with you using a single text message, even when they are on the go.

  • Branded poster design that you can print and display in store.
  • Text message flow that will take applicants through your job application process.

Applicant tracking system

Our Applicant Tracking System is your one-stop shop for managing your hiring process – from sourcing, to interviewing, to hiring.

  • Job board integrations with Indeed, Talent.com, Google, Ziprecruiter and more.
  • Video cover letters help you pre-screen and show you the person behind the resume.
  • FitScore shows you which candidates match your specific criteria.
  • Automated interview scheduling to save your time and sanity from no-shows.
Image of a map with the candidate's distance exemplifying the use of the Applicant tracking system feature.
A image exemplifying the paperless onboarding process with a list of candidate steps.

Paperless onboarding

Don't waste the first day with a new employee filling out paperwork. Instead, use paperless onboarding to complete everything ahead of time and get productive hours from your new employees as soon as they walk through the door.

  • Mobile-friendly digital forms and custom documents streamline the paperwork process.
  • Virtual employee filing cabinet makes it secure to store and easy to manage records.

The stories behind our customers

“I looked at HigherMe, and the last thing I wanted was another username and password, but it’s absolutely changed the game for us. It has become a tool we cannot live without in our operation. The interview show rate with Indeed was one in ten candidates, with HigherMe, I book ten interviews and eight show up”
The logo of Tim Hortons company.

Mike Sheridan

Operations Manager at Riediger Smith Group, Tim Hortons

"I have to say, there have been discussions about switching to different hiring platforms several times with something new and shiny crosses our path. I always stand my ground with HigherMe BECAUSE of your quick and reliable and proficient customer service. That sets you apart in a HUGE way for me."
The logo of Chick-fil-A company.

Laurie Jennings

Chick-fil-A franchisee

"HigherMe has made the hiring process flawless. Everything you need on one website. No more checking multiple hiring sites. If you chose to interview and hire, they have made the onboarding process literally effortless. You send a link; they do the rest.  I love the ease of Higherme, it’s really been a savior during a tough economical time
The logo of Dunkin' company.

Andrea Veilleux

Dunkin' franchisee

Source, screen,
interview and
onboard faster!