Job Description Template for Cooks


HigherMe has created the perfect cook job description template to make posting an open position quick and easy.

To create the perfect template:

  • Read the template replacing the words in square brackets
  • When you see [Options: ] in square brackets, pick the options that most accurately describe your job or restaurant.
  • Make sure you read every line and remove the points that do not apply to your restaurant.

Description [Create the image of an appealing workplace.]

Are you passionate about food and creating outstanding culinary experiences? People that work at [restaurant name] are known for their personality, drive, and passion! Are you looking for a place to work with [Options: flexible schedules, great discounts, legendary staff events and plenty of opportunities to learn and grow]? If so, we want to hear from you!

A Cook’s Responsibilities [Show a diversity of tasks and opportunities to grow.]

  • Cooking of food items in each of the following stations: [Options: appetizer, sauté, plates and grill]
  • Preparation of food items including [Options: sauces, salads, garnishes, appetizers, proteins and starches]
  • Plate presentation in all areas: [Options: salads, appetizers, sides, plates, entrees and desserts]
  • Setup, takedown and continued cleanliness of the kitchen line in all areas following established procedures and standards for cooking with [Options: deep fryers, stoves, ovens, and grills]
  • Adhere to all food safety regulations and quality controls

We hire great people, train them well and provide plenty of opportunities to learn and grow. We’re looking for energetic, team-oriented applicants who take pride in providing an outstanding food experience.

What We Offer

Salary: [add salary range here] per hour.


  • Overtime pay
  • Tips
  • Discounted or free food
  • Schedule adapted to your lifestyle
  • Many opportunities for advancement
  • Company events
  • ___% dining discounts?
  • Closed for Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve & Christmas Day
  • ___ hours of paid sick time every year
  • A separate PTO accrual for vacation time
  • $___ referral bonuses
  • Medical, Dental & Vision insurance
  • Life insurance policy
  • Disability policy
  • Access to an Employee Assistance Program

Experience & Qualifications:

  • Restaurant cooking experience: [preferred years of cooking experience] year(s)
  • Focus on quality control and organization
  • Punctual & thorough
  • Strong interest in teamwork
  • Ability to work under pressure


  • [Options: Part-time, Full-time, Weekdays, Weekends]
  • [Options: Day shift, night shift]
  • [Options: 8 hour shift, 10 hour shift, 12 hour shift]

Apply Today [Encourage your potential applicants to reach out.]

We’d love to meet you in person, contact the location to ask about the times available for open interviews or submit your application by applying now.

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Other Questions on Cook Job Descriptions

What Is a First Cook Job Description?

A first cook generally reports to the head chef, supervises kitchen staff and always acts and presents themselves professionally. This position requires at least one year’s experience overseeing a busy restaurant or institutional kitchen and a culinary degree or certification. Strong candidates possess good interpersonal and multitasking skills and the ability to handle pressure under busy conditions. Additional responsibilities include:

  • Supervising and maintaining a clean kitchen while adhering at all times to health department requirements and kitchen hygiene and food safety standards.
  • Planning menus when required, including creating accurate ingredient lists for orders and supervising menu item production.
  • Work closely with all kitchen staff, creating daily action plans, assigning tasks and supervising meal prep, food handling and other aspects of kitchen operations.
  • Utilizing kitchen management software systems.
  • Inventorying and maintaining supplies.
  • Placing orders with vendors and suppliers and maintaining those relationships.
  • Prepare food and cook as necessary.
  • Train and teach new employees and junior chefs.

Different Job Titles for Cook Jobs

No matter how large or small, most kitchens adhere to a strict hierarchy. Smaller kitchens may be structured more informally than large institutional food services, but generally, the line of command is as follows:

  • Executive or head chefs are in charge though may answer to the chef-owner.
  • Sous chef or second in command. Acts as head chef in executive's absence.
  • Station chefs oversee particular production areas within the kitchen.
  • Specialty chefs include pastry and pantry chefs, sauciers, fish, vegetable and meat chefs, etc.
  • Line cooks work with experienced chefs where needed, as well as performing prep and other kitchen duties.
  • Kitchen assistants (food preparation workers) prepare ingredients, prep stations and keep the kitchen and stations clean.

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