HigherMe Partners with Gzooh Kitchens

For restaurant businesses looking to boost their revenue and diversify their business, adding a virtual brand could be the answer. You choose an existing concept and sell it online-only from a delivery-only location. The whole operation is known as a virtual kitchen. And there are a number of businesses who can help you easily set up and establish a virtual kitchen.

HigherMe now has a partnership with Gzooh Kitchens to easily enable restaurants from chains to food trucks to launch a virtual kitchen at their business. Restaurants can use an existing kitchen that may have extra space, or set up a new dedicated location for online ordering.

HigherMe customers can access exclusive pricing with Gzooh Kitchens, who provide resources and support to set up all the operations so you can focus on making great food.

If you’re interested in easily adding a new concept to your business, here’s how it works.

Location Analysis - Virtual kitchens don’t have a brick and mortar location, so being in the right delivery zone to get hot and delicious food quickly to your customers is key. If you’re opening a new delivery-only location, Gzooh works with you to analyze different real estate areas and identify the regions that would be most suitable for your virtual kitchen to become profitable.

Menu Selection
- You have the option to pick from a diverse range of brands developed by Gzooh, from pasta to pierogies and street food to snacks. They’ll work with you to determine which one would perform best with customers in your area. Once you’ve selected the brand, Gzooh continuously modifies the menu to keep customers interested and coming back.

Chef Training - Easily teach your existing staff the ins and outs of your new brand with Gzooh’s specialized chef and inventory management training so your restaurant can make and deliver delicious food from day one.

Third-party delivery set-up
- Partnering with the third party delivery apps in your area makes it easy to start marketing and set up delivery. Gzooh takes care of the technical setup: signing your business up with leading delivery networks and creating your profile on food aggregator platforms. You’ll be ready to accept orders in no time.

Ongoing support - If you require any assistance, Gzooh’s dedicated support team is available 24/7 by phone.

To sign up with Gzooh Kitchens, contact Naz Frank at naz@higherme.com to access exclusive pricing for HigherMe customers.

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