Job Description Template for Bartenders

HigherMe has created the perfect bartender job description template to make posting an open position quick and easy.

To create the perfect template:

  • Read the template replacing the words in square brackets
  • When you see [Options: ] in square brackets, pick the options that most accurately describe your job or restaurant.
  • Make sure you read every line and remove the points that do not apply to your restaurant.

Description [Create the image of an appealing workplace.]

Are you passionate about drinks and creating outstanding experiences? People that work at [restaurant name] are known for their personality, drive, and passion! Are you looking for a place to work with [Options: flexible schedules, great discounts, legendary staff events and plenty of opportunities to learn and grow]? If so, we want to hear from you!

A Bartender’s Responsibilities [Show a diversity of tasks and opportunities to grow.]

  • Prepare and serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for servers and guests in an efficient and friendly manner
  • Ensure bar service is up to [restaurant name] standards ensuring consistent beverage preparation, presentation, and quality according to recipes
  • Offer the various [restaurant name] drinks and provide advice and suggestions to our guests
  • Setup, takedown and continued cleanliness of the bar areas following established procedures
  • Adhere to all food safety regulations and quality controls
  • Prepares and services beverages for servers and guests in an efficient and friendly manner
  • Assist, support and work with bartenders and waiters; undertakes any reasonable request made by a member of management
  • Accurately inputs orders into P.O.S system and ensures transmission of food orders
  • Reports all incidents or unusual situations to the supervisor on duty

We hire great people, train them well and provide plenty of opportunities to learn and grow. We’re looking for energetic, team-oriented applicants who take pride in providing an outstanding food experience.

What We Offer

Salary: [add salary range here] per hour.


  • Overtime pay
  • Tips
  • Discounted or free food
  • Schedule adapted to your lifestyle
  • Many opportunities for advancement
  • Company events
  • ___% dining discounts?
  • Closed for Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve & Christmas Day
  • ___ hours of paid sick time every year
  • A separate PTO accrual for vacation time
  • $___ referral bonuses
  • Medical, Dental & Vision insurance
  • Life insurance policy
  • Disability policy
  • Access to an Employee Assistance Program


  • Bartending experience: [preferred years of cooking experience] years (preferred)
  • Focus on quality control and organization
  • Punctual & thorough
  • Strong interest in teamwork
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Good sense of organization


  • [Options: Part-time, Full-time, Weekdays, Weekends]
  • [Options: Day shift, night shift]
  • [Options: 8 hour shift, 10 hour shift, 12 hour shift]

Apply Today [Encourage your potential applicants to reach out.]

We’d love to meet you in person, contact the location to ask about the times available for open interviews or submit your application by applying now.

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Other Questions on Bartender Job Descriptions

What Are the Other Duties of Bar Staff?

Bartending is primarily a customer service position, though organization, cleanliness, multitasking abilities and a thorough knowledge of mixology, beer and wine will create the best possible customer experience. A bartender excels at these responsibilities:

  • Greeting the customer in a friendly, welcoming manner and ascertaining their age.
  • Taking orders accurately using a POS system, order pad or memory.
  • Creating a welcoming environment and maintaining a friendly manner at all times. Dealing with inquiries and complaints.
  • Crafting mixed drinks, both classic and contemporary.
  • Handling and serving food orders.
  • Managing the bill, payments and change in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Keeping the bar, tools, glasses and equipment clean and hygienic. Prepping garnishes, fruit and bar snacks.
  • Keeping presentable and clean and adhering to all health department rules and guidelines.
  • Managing inventory and general bar operations.

What Skills Do You Look for in a Bartender?

  • Customer Service: Customer Service skills include patience, understanding and empathy: appreciate your regulars, evaluate your customer’s needs (should you tell a joke or pour their drink and step away?) and help them have a great time. You have to deal with all your customers in a consistently amicable manner. Always communicate clearly and in a friendly tone.
  • Sales: Bartenders should be comfortable upselling, but you’re not there to pitch, you’re there to educate and recommend: find a balance between salesperson and customer advocate.
  • Teamwork: Bartenders work with other bartenders, managers, waiters and assistant bartenders - teamwork is crucial to a smooth operation.
  • Memory: Good memory skills are an important bartending skill: particularly when busy.
  • Active Listening: Bartenders “listen” to their customers through verbal and nonverbal cues including language, tone, facial expressions, hand gestures, volume, etc. They make appropriate eye contact, ask questions and listen to the answers without interruption.
  • Strength and dexterity: Bartenders walk and stand for hours, preparing and serving drinks while engaging customers. Physical demands might also include lifting heavy liquor, beer and wine cases and other bar equipment and provisions.

What Are Basic Bartending Knowledge Requirements?

  • Acquiring any necessary licenses or certifications (varies by state and employer)
  • Understanding mixology, garnishing, presentation and serving drinks, including recommending beer and wine.
  • Money handling skills including basic arithmetic for figuring change and counting bills and coins.
  • Working knowledge of point-of-sales systems (POS), restaurant software, cash registers, handheld devices, etc.
  • Understanding food safety and proper food handling is important.

What Is the Role of Assistant Bartender?

The assistant bartender performs many of the same responsibilities as the bartender, including keeping the bar clean, removing trash, prepping garnishes and cutting fruit, engaging customers in a friendly demeanor and learning the art of making great drinks.

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