Paperless Onboarding
Hire seamlessly
with paperless onboarding software.
How it
Create a paperless onboarding solution for your business
Customize the documents, forms, or questionnaires for new hires and send everything from one simple dashboard.
Send new employees their electronic forms
Custom notifications by email or text welcome new hires to begin onboarding, and automatic notifications remind them to finish paperwork they’ve already started.
Get notified when paperwork is complete
Mobile onboarding allows new hires to electronically sign all business handbooks, policy documents, or mandatory government forms like the I9 and W4 from any device. You’ll be notified to review new employee paperwork once it’s complete.
Review all your employee files in one place
With cloud-based storage you can access employee files from anywhere, on any device.
Why it
75% faster than paper
Never worry about email attachments, file formats, or broken links again. Save time by customizing your business’ paperless onboarding package, and easily send it to all new hires.
Turn new hires into engaged employees
A simple onboarding process makes happier and more engaged employees even before their first day. Giving your new hires an easy way to complete paperwork from their phones ensures higher completion rates, so you don’t lose the great people you hired.
Stay organised with cloud-based storage
View and manage your staff files from one place throughout their employment. Full signing logs are maintained, ensuring compliance and accuracy in your records.